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This is an exclusive interview with Paul and Erik from The Holo Herald. These guys are doing amazing augmented reality illustrations on what is going on with the Microsoft Hololens.  If you love AR then you cannot miss this episode.  Be here or be nowhere!

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We get an exclusive interview with Candy Lab's Andrew Couch and Augmented Legality expert Brian Wassom.  We discuss the Milwaukee AR lawsuit and how this can impact the entire AR community.  Do not miss this episode!

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We follow some real uses with Hololens with Sky Zhou who does an amazing job. Don't miss the latest and greatest interview. We have an intense discussion on AR and where the Hololens is taking us!

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We pack this episode with a tremendous amount of content in only 35 minutes. We discuss Apple AR and Hololens apps that use mixed reality and gaming. Also AWE 2017 is heating up and some wild news you better not miss.

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We are back with another packed episode!  Brian Wassom is amazing as always and gives tremendous insight as to what is going on with AR.  Are catfishing scammers duping you on Linkedin? We get the DIRT on the latest attempts.  We find 100 AR friends that are connected with a fake person leveraging your trust and using their connection with you to connect to others in our AR community. Don't miss this episode!!!!

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We are back and rolling along with more Augmented Reality! Don't miss Ron Padzensky's Epic Interview! Get the latest AR news, Apple rumors and more timely news. Do not miss this action packed episode.

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We are back and rolling along with more Augmented Reality! Don't miss Christine Perey's Epic Interview! Get the latest AR news and hear more about a horrible tragedy with a Pokemon player when he was allegedly was shot to death finding a Poke-stop. Do not miss this action packed episode.

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We are back and rolling along with more Augmented Reality! Don't miss Ori Inbar's Epic Interview and we wonder if Pokemon's Piikachu has rights? Don't miss this informative ARdirt interview with our Guru Ori Inbar.

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We are back on the air after an 18 month hiatus.  Find out the reason why. Also did VR flop at CES?  We have it covered along with all the latest AR news and resources you won't want to miss.  Don't miss the grand return of the Voice of Augmented Reality.

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Go to for all our show notes.


Go to to download our Part II report.  You won't want to miss this.


Go to to get the shownotes when we broke the original scandal.


Go to for our original report - Part I


This episode puts a few companies in the AR Dirt's Hall of Shame:  Augmented Reality Trends, SeeMore Interactive, Vziom, and Digital Imperia.  Hear from a real victim that had her photo scraped off the Internet to create a sock puppet.

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